our process

The PROS Company believes in transparency. That is why we provide our customers with an up-to-date and fully detailed process. Each unit goes through for our rebuild process. Schedule a facility tour today and see our work in action.


Inspect unit & create order


technical evaluation


plan and quote sent to client

Once we receive a unit, a work order is assigned for an accurate paper trail. We will then disassemble each component until every

part has been separated, properly labeled and identified. Pictures will be taken to accurately show our customer the inside of their unit and the extent of damage to specific parts.

Next, The PROS Company’s trained engineers  will generate a technical evaluation in which they carefully measure each component for the exact amount of damage incurred. This will determine what type of repairs or machine work the unit will need before the rebuild can take place.

We will draft a technical evaluation and provide a quote for repairs. We will then send you the following information: lead time for the unit’s rebuild and confirmation of the warranty time period . The customer will then need to return a signed quote, along with a purchase order, confirming their approval.

The PROS company provides high-quality services that reflect through every step!


Mechanical processing


testing and shipping


customer satisfaction

After the customer has confirmed their approval, each component will be thoroughly cleaned before going through its respective machining procedures. After all machine work is completed, the unit will go to one of The PROS highly-trained mechanics for reassemble. During the rebuild process, the unit’s rotors will be dynamically balanced and properly prepped using The PROS proprietary techniques.

Every unit we rebuild will always include new bearings, gaskets, seals, and o-rings. In addition we will always use a new or reconditioned oil pump and gears when necessary. After the unit has been thoroughly tested for acceptable pressure and possible leaks, it will be painted and prepared for shipment to the customer’s desired location.

Once the client receives their newly PROfurbished unit. We not only encourage you to put our work to the test, but ask that you thoroughly continue to use the unit. We are your partners in business and will provide the support you need even after the unit and project are complete. Contact us today to see the PROS difference and get started on your next project.